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About us


RASAI is Pakistan's premier Innovation Development Lab/Program that provides youth with access to entrepreneurial opportunities, linkages and guidance to execute innovative projects through a structured framework.


RASAI engages youth in a structured framework for developing Entreprenurial & Innovation Capacity. Includes market gap identification, business model refinement and mentoring with linkages including co-founder matching and access to funding opportunites.


RASAI was founded in 2017 as an advanced logistics optimization research company, building it's capacity to implement multiple logistics model for the developing world. It was realized that for many innovations that were technologically viable the supporting ecosystem was missing thus as a  limiting the potential of the solutions as whole value chains had to be established.


Innovation Coordination: identifies, connects and supports integration of Innovation efforts taking place nationwide in silos, and helps coordinate associated clusters for effective collaboration aswell as linking to relevent opportunities and utilization of common resources through a detailed database.


Game changing Innovative Solutions are developed / proposed as per requirement,Solutions are designed with regards to Human Centeric Design, Systems thinking and Futurecasting, by leveraging vast Innovation capibility and strategic knowledgebase of the organization. 

In order to make the solutions scalable and more impactful, Innovation ecosystem and capacity building was required, thus RASAI started supporting Initiatives in line with the companies value chain. This model was furhter progressed to cover a hollistic yet highly interconnected focus areas


Key Focus Areas: